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If you're considering a college in Virginia, here are a few good private schools that some prospective students overlook:

Students at graduation time Bridgewater College is a small liberal arts school in Bridgewater, VA.

Emory & Henry College is another small, historic liberal arts college. This one is located in Emory.

Roanoke College is another old institution in Salem, VA, near Roanoke.

There are plenty of other private schools in states surrounding Virginia as well.

And if you set your sites even higher, there are good schools all over the USA. You could stay on the East Coast, but go further south to Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville or Miami.

Or you could try the Southwest. You could explore colleges in San Diego, the greater Los Angeles area, Phoenix or even Las Vegas, NV.

But what field of studies are you considering? Picking your school is hard; picking your college major may be even tougher.

You could decide to become an actuary or an audiologist. Both will take a four-year degree to get started. Learn more at

The animation field is hot. If you have an art degree and like working with animation software, this could be a tremendous choice.

If you don't mind putting in a few more years of school after graduating, there are fields such as epidemiology or microbiology.

If you love language, you could study latin or another foreign language. There are lots of different career options when you can speak multiple languages.

If you don't feel like completing all four years, you can probably earn a shorter diploma in areas such as cooking ( or massage therapy (

Computer Science is a tough field with lots of competition, but if you can handle it, it might be pretty terrific. There are also other options in information technology ( that might be easier.

Auto repair is a field where you can get started quickly and doesn't require too much initial classroom training (

And if you, for some reason, left high school without completing your diploma, you need to get that done. Work towards passing the GED as soon as possible. See

Whichever school you choose to apply to - good luck with your next four years.