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Education Possibilities in Virginia and Around the USA

Public Universities in Virginia

Most public colleges are either real large schools or are two-year schools. Here are some of the four-year public institutions:

Students at graduationVirginia Tech is located in Blacksburg, has eight colleges, a graduate school and over 30,000 full-time students.

Virginia State University is a small to medium sized college in Petersburg.

The College of William & Mary is well-known, traditional school in Williamsburg, VA.

And the choices outside the state are pretty much endless. Interested students can enroll at schools up the East Coast in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York or Connecticut. They can also consider schools to the south — North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Florida.

Some students apply to schools on the West Coast. Others only go half-way and enroll at colleges in the mid-section of the country, in the Illinois, Missouri and Kansas area. (You can browse some of the Kansas institutions online.)

You can also check out schools in some of the bigger cities. For example:
Minneapolis MN

Take your time with your college search. Investigate a lot of schools, make a short list and then make a shorter list.

And if you don't have your high school diploma yet, you better get to working for your GED as soon as possible. See

Apply early and do your best. Good luck.